Flexible payment page as a platform

Payment Courier enables your customers to split or delegate payments online, so there's nothing left for them to do but enjoy their purchase, whether it's...

tickets for a flight a dinner with friends concert tickets a birthday gift

Get more out of card payment pages!

In an offline store, someone can easily pay for someone else or split the bill with others, but how can this be done online?

Watch how you can split the bill with your friends for your holiday travels

Watch how you can have your company pay for your corporate travels

We tune up your online card payment.
Plug in and allow your customers more flexibility and a better payment experience.

your market

Payment Courier gives you a new generation of payment page that puts you ahead of your competitors who still offer outdated payment experience.

& compatible

It’s easy to integrate into your current checkout process, so you don’t have to invest in extra in-house developments.

Use your existing
Payment Gateway

Payment Courier integrates your payment gateway's hosted card payment form into its platform. All payments are settled directly to your current merchant account.

Upgraded shopping

It's good for your business because it's good for the consumers since they have more freedom when it comes to paying online. Plus, there’s no hassle with registration either!

Split payments in 5 easy steps!

Choose split payment at checkout

Simply select this option at checkout to activate Payment Courier.

Create a payment link

Decide who pays and how much and create a secure payment link.

Send it to friends

The secure payment link can be shared anywhere — like email, WhatsApp, or Facebook chat.

Wait until everyone pays

Chill on the sofa, watch a movie, go hiking, have some fun until all the participants pay their share.


Celebration time! The payment is processed, and what you want to buy is yours.

Get some popcorn, it’s video time!

See how a group of friends use Payment Courier's payment splitting to pay for their holiday to Bali.

Pricing for Merchants


€ 49 / Month

for up to 100 successful transactions

Easy-to-integrate SDK

Assistance with integration

Technical Support In E-Mail

Optional SLA

€ 499 when paid annually


€ 99 / Month

for up to 1000 successful transactions

Easy-to-integrate SDK

Assistance with integration

Technical Support In E-Mail

Optional SLA

€ 999 when paid annually


€ 199 / Month

for an unlimited number of transactions

Easy-to-integrate SDK

Assistance with integration

Technical Support In E-Mail

Optional SLA

€ 1,999 when paid annually

Want to see Payment Courier in action?

Try our service and see how Payment Courier can make the checkout experience more flexible than cash!

Book a hotel room and choose split payments at checkout!

is not an actual travel agency, so feel free to click around!

Seen enough?

Let's take our relationship to the next level.

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Here's how we were introduced at Money20/20...

Come by our booth and watch us pitch at MoneyConf!

June 11th, 2018

We're going to Dublin! Watch us compete in the MoneyConf Pitch competiton on 12th June at 10am and come by our booth at the ALPHA Area (A110) to have a chat with the team and try Payment Courier in action. We'll be in Dublin until Wednesday. More Info

An amazing time at Money20/20

June 7th, 2018

We've officially launched Payment Courier in Amsterdam. As Europe's biggest FinTech event, Money20/20 was a blast! We had the opportunity to present to a great crowd in the Startup Pitch competiton, and met many new friends at our booth in Startup City.